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Alkali-free Concrete Accelerator
​Borida Non-Chloride Strength/Hardenging Accelerator Formulated to increase the early strength of concrete without affecting the initial workability.
Alkali Quick Setting Agent
Liquid alkali-free accelerating agent, the main ingredients including sulfate, aluminium and organic alcohol amine,etc. This product has significant effect of quick-setting for concrete, especially useful for quick-setting concrete and the concrete that n
Concrete Accelerator
​AcceleratingFor ConcreteBorida Accelerating is a set accelerating admixture formulated to reduce concrete set times.Borida Accelerating contains calcium chloride & Non-Calcium Cholride ,Which meets the requirements of ASTM C-494
Quick Setting Agent
The content of alkaline quick-setting agent is lower than that of alkali-free set accelerator. Alkaline quick-setting agent early strength slightly higher than the alkali-free set accelerator.
Concrete Accelerator Powder
1t delivers excellent results for precast concrete when high early strengths are required. Curing times are significantly reduced while concrete quality is improved.
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